In our interview with Jack Hubbard, who has a remarkable background in all aspects of sales and marketing in banking, we discuss the importance of marketing and sales collaboration.  Jack explains the benefits of combining sales and marketing in a single education course. He explains how the coursework increases sales and marketing collaboration and the ‘real world’ benefits of that stronger relationship. This is the interview to learn how sales and marketing can build competitive advantages.  

Jack’s Background

Jack Hubbard, Chief Experience Officer, St. Meyer & Hubbard, has shared his passion for building trust-based sales initiatives across the country. An author, lecturer and classroom instructor, Hubbard’s expertise and out-of-the-box thinking put him in great demand when the subject matter is relationship development, prospecting, using LinkedIn as a value tool and sales management in business and commercial banking. He is a top ranked instructor at Graduate School of Banking in Madison, WI and in 2018 he was named Director of GSB’s Sales and Marketing School.

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