Intro – 

Running a financial institution is not a simple model. Learning the nuances of making them profitable are not simply learned in a book or taking courses in school, it is the experiences, interactions and trial & error learning from everyday life. Michelle Katics, Founder of BankersLab has built systems that simulate the financial environment with tools that enhance learning by making measurable decisions. She shares her company’s capabilities on our first sponsor spotlight.

Bio – 

CEO and FinTech Entrepreneur, Michelle Katics is a world leader in financial services. She is a start-up mentor, risk manager, mathematician, and economist by training. Michelle aims to drive a paradigm change in the financial sector. Banks and employees practice and certify skills in a simulation environment, leading to sharper skills, smoother conduct risk compliance and individual accountability.  Michelle co-founded BankersLab® (, which delivers classroom format “flight simulator” development and training for FinTech and Bankers. Their SaaS training simulation is used by banks, credit unions, lenders, credit bureaus, training institutes from over 45 countries.